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Tane no Uta - Pikmin Short Film (2018, Unfinished)

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Добавлено by Admin В фильмы 2018
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(edit: forgot to add this in the video! Number of frames - 175)
This was a smaller short film I was working on in the summer of 2018 but then eventually dropped. This was when I was just learning how to draw the pikmin, and obviously my style for them has changed quite a bit, but it turned out pretty great! I also found the storyboard for the rest, so I put that in where the animation ended, as well some extra animated effects and the entire animated part with no pauses so it looks smoother.


Flat: https://flat.io/gamecube_and_co

Tumblr: https://gamecube-and-co.tumblr.com/

Website: https://gamecube-and-co.robaone.com/

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